Mothers Day was this past weekend and it gave me a little time to reflect on how complicated mother daughter relationships are.

Even Lorelai and Rory fought once.

And how lucky I am to have the mother I do.

Martha Mary Denio Power is the smartest woman I know.  She’s a Nurse Practitioner who makes waves and cuts paths, has gone back to school twice in my lifetime, and has three children who don’t make life much easier (we’re trying mom, we swear!)

She wipes old peoples butts, takes care of any sick person ever, acts as a surrogate mother to my friends, and pours me a large glass of wine when it’s needed.

Not to mention she resisted the temptation of killing me as a teenager. Which I’m not sure anyone would have blamed her for (teenage girls are the worst).

And she helped me sew my graduation skirt.

Now my mother has always been realistic- she’s encouraged my goals but has been the voice of reason.  Journalism- fine, you’re a good writer, you can do it.  Professional athlete- nope, you can’t walk up the stairs without hurting yourself.

So when I brought the idea of the skirt to her, she looked nervous.  But bought the fabric.

It’s been a really nice project these last few weeks. And on our way down to Flatwoods for a conference where I photographed and she was awesome (because that’s what she does) we got the end trim.

We finished the skirt on Friday. And then I graduated on Saturday. Which, among other things, can be attributed to my mother.  I wore the skirt. And it was PERFECT.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those out there who are wonderful like mine. And if you haven’t lately, go do something with yours- I’m not saying the months long adventures of making a skirt beyond your individual abilities (thought it was fun) but something, anything.   They’re pretty awesome, even if it takes passing the age of 18 to realize it.