As a college student I should probably be ashamed that I have a teddy bear.  Mr. Bear (I was clearly a super creative child), has followed me from a tiny house up a gravel hill in upstate New York to my college apartment and has been a steadfast companion.  He wears a shirt from my adopted grandmother from the bakery but that’s the most he’s changed.

Teddy bears were given their name from president Teddy Roosevelt.  The story claims that in 1902 Roosevelt was on a hunt in Mississippi had been unsuccessful, but when presented with a cornered bear refused to kill it but asked that it be put out of its misery.  Political cartoons depicting the story would progressively make the bear an inspiration for a new toy.  Sources claim Morris Michtom of New York was the inventor of the first stuffed toy.

Teddy bears are one of the most popular childhood toys of all time.  I cannot think of a friend or relative who wouldn’t recognize the toy or speak fondly of one they or a child in their midst owned.

Teddy bears have inspired books, entire shops, entire lines, and Christmas movies.

Earlier this semester my mother and I quilted pillows from fabrics from both of my grandfathers’ shirts.  Some of the fabric was leftover so when we decided to make bears it was an obvious choice for me. I plan on looking like a crazed spinster lady when I finally have a bed that doesn’t make me look like I’m seven.

We sewed them while up at our cabin in Pennsylvania with my younger cousin Emily.  I think we were all pretty greatful for the project since it rained all weekend. Mom was last to finish (not that I’m bragging).

We used a pattern my aunt sent down that was fairly complicated but you can find different patterns for bears all over the internet.