Cupcakes. Oh how I love cupcakes.

Mini Cupcakes. Banana Split Cupcakes (Thank you Nonna’s).  Mardi Gras Cupcakes. Any kind will do.

So when my lovely friend Lauren asked me to help her make Rubber Ducky Cupcakes, I jumped at the chance.

Now Lauren is a cupcake master. Her nurse cupcakes are adorable.  I believe she’s even made successful cake pops, which I have failed at epically.

She was doing a “Starting Points: Baby Safety Shower” for her capstone class and wanted to do above and beyond the norm for goodies. So we were on to our rubber ducky adventure.

We used directions from the book What’s New, Cupcake to make the lovely ducks and duck butts.

I learned a new trick- starburst instead of fondant.  They’re already colored, easy to work with, and if you screw up they don’t hate you as much as fondant.

What is the most inventive cupcake you’ve made? Have any secrets like the starbursts to share?