On May 12th I graduate from college.  It’s a frightening, exciting, and ridiculous time that I’m enjoying and freaking out during.  Several of my friends and I are blogging about it here so I wont go into laborious detail and bore you unless you click that link.

SO in all the crush of job applications, future freakouts, and sadness of leaving friends I have spent the last four years developing, I decided to throw in another project.

I’m sewing my graduation skirt.

I need to shout out to my wonderful mother first of all.  Sewing a skirt is at times (this one in particular) more expensive than purchasing a similar item. As a fan of retail therapy I’ll have to admit that the ease of just buying something surely is tempting.

But I saw this skirt on a wonderful blog with directions on how to make it months ago and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since.

So on I went to buy linen, a little more edgy patterned border, and crazy supplies.  Thanks again mom.

Last Friday we started with the two flaps that are explained and I haven’t been able to get back to the Singer sewing machine at my parents yet but it’s coming along nicely!

What’s a project you’ve taken on with best intentions but had little time for? What are you wearing to graduation if you are graduating? And what kind of shoes should I wear!?