I met alpacas.

Clearly lately I’ve been traveling a little bit.

So this adventure took me on winding back roads and behind coal trucks past Charleston, WV to Boone County.  Then we rode down a couple of country roads that were incorrect. And eventually down a road that made me nervous that I was driving my mother’s car.

Anyway, this lovely adventure for WV Uncovered was taking me to Good Shepherd Alpaca Farm.   I’ll be back there in about two weeks to finish working on our story and I’ll be sure to link it in the future.

The owners, Chris and Rebecca, showed us around the farm, introduced us to the Alpacas, and showed us the hats and yarn they create from the Alpacas.  Chris, Rebecca, and their oldest son all help create the hats from looms that I hope to see next time we go.  They send the raw stuff out to be spunn into yarn by another company.

I love the natural colors of the yarn.  It’s a quality like nothing I’ve seen before since my crafting has been limited to Michaels and AC Moore most of my life.  You have to avoid getting the items wet but as Chris said, “I just tell people not to wear them anywhere they would get dirty.”

I’m going to use skinnier needles for this scarf since the yarn is thin and I want them to be tight.  And hopefully by the end of the week i’ll have finished editing that long ago promised video of tying on stitches!