I’ve been traveling a lot recently and I’m finding it difficult to keep up with making things.  The amount of time traveling takes and the amount of time crafting takes are conflicts I’m not sorry to have.

This weekend I will be visiting the Big East Career Fair  and you’ll be able to hear more about that in my new group blog Graduation Preparation on Tuesday.

The road trip to New York City is on a charter bus and is LONG.  The flaws of charter buses could make up another post in their entirety but I’ll try to stay focused here on the positives.  I’m not driving so I can bring some sort of craft along to keep me occupied.

I’m planning on bringing my knitting needles, since I’ve been on that recent kick and my mother’s life and my schedule can’t seem to line up for me to relearn crocheting.

What is your favorite/most simple craft to bring along on road trips? I foresee bad lighting and limited space so I’m nervous about knitting but willing to try.  I did originally find love for it on ten-hour road trips from the Empire State.