It is hard to be domestic with 12 hour work days.  6 AM to 8:30 at night is a long shift to be out, even with the wonderful meals and beautiful sites that are Snowshoe.

Hotels are nice but weird. I didn’t even have to do basic domestic things like cook  (even though I have a nice little kitchen) or clean.

Besides the lovely hair-tie that was left on my bed. Absolutely freaked me out. But I digress.

So this week I thought I’d post on the historical side of the spectrum and provide a few pretty views.  Never hurts to change it up a little, right?

Snowshoe resort is beautiful.  It’s located in Pocahontas County, W.Va. which is quickly becoming my favorite place in this state despite its lack of cell phone service. Pocahontas County is rural to the extreme.

I’ve worked on two multimedia projects for the Pocahontas Times, located in Marlinton, W.Va. and everyone knows everyone.  One of the men who was in the shoot this weekend knew both of my former interview subjects as well as everyone I’ve met from the paper.

The county itself is rich with history but Snowshoe was only developed in 1973.  The resort opened the next year and has gone through bankruptcy, operation by a court- appointed trustee, and massive developments.

In 2008 the resort listed over 150 acres of skiing.

Logging and railroading were predominant industries in the area at the time of its development.  Many trails and lodges have strange names that come from the lingo of that time and those industries.  They include:

  • Gandy Dancer- a man who lays and maintains railroad track
  • Hoot-Nanny- A small device used to hold a crosscut saw while sawing a log from the underside
  • Powder Monkey– A dynamiter
  • Ballhooter– a man who rolls logs down a hill to skid road or landing

The lift we’ve been shooting on most of this weekend is Soaring Eagle Express and it’s fantastic to look at (and driving me crazy because I cant ski this weekend).  It was developed and purchased in 2006.

It’s going to be sad to leave tomorrow but I won’t be sad that I can actually see my apartment and bed.  Though neither of those seems to have as rich a history or anticipated future developments.