Haircuts. In this lovely preview post I’m going to talk to you about how fearful I am.  And how badly I need one.

A lot of women will tell you their identity comes from their hair.  That’s one of the reasons hair cuts can be so terrifying; our whole lives we’ve subscribed our beauty to our locks, and they are about to disappear.

Myabe that part is just me.  I hate haircuts. As a control freak who doesn’t deal well with letting other people be in charge a haircut is an absolutely terrifying experience.  I’m allowing someone who  I barely know to take into their hands scissors and MY hair.  For the next hour or so I’m their canvas, and I don’t like it.

I had the same hairdresser from age baby to age 12, and I have been unable to get over my fear of other hairdressers since then.  I trusted Lynn, even if she did chop my hair off like a boys and give me straight across bangs.  In therapy later in life I’m blaming my mother for both of those things. And the 90’s.

Some people love dying their hair, cutting it, changing their identity. Do you subscibe to my fear or are you in that clique? Or are you sane and somewhere in the moderate group that just gets their hair cut and doesnt agonize over it?

What era has your favorite hair style or cut? What was the best hair cut you ever had (and if it was near Pittsburgh help a girl out and tell me how to get there). Do you cut your own?