So my lovely friend Evan pointed out to me that my flowers were cheating the other day.  Clearly using fake flowers is a cop-out so I set on forth to improve on my earlier post.

Using flowers of four petals (think the shape of a four leaf clover) I cut out scraps of fabric.

I cut out five for one thinking it would be enough but I think the one I used six with looked better.  I made them all the same size so that as I layered the flower would still look full.

To give them shape and to keep them stiff I used hair spray. I used a basic cotton fabric I had left over from the 7 Dwarves Hats I created for Halloween, the petals were a little soft and lighter on one side; I liked the more finished look to the dark purple so I decided not to alternate sides.

I pushed all the petals together while the hairspray was still wet which gave a wrinkled effect and held the flower up in the later stages.

I then glued the petals just like I had done with the fake flowers.  It required a little more hot glue because of the thickness of the fabric and the lack of a center whole where the stem had been.

Overall I’m pretty happy with these have turned out.  I’m excited to do this with patterned fabrics like old floral prints my mom has but I haven’t been by to raid her stash yet.