As I mope around my apartment hating my couch the thought repeats.


Maybe because it happens so infrequently to me it annoys me more. My roommates though college have always had weaker immune systems than me and they don’t seem as aggravated by bedrest.  I need to be up doing something, finishing something, interviewing someone.  I can’t just sit still.

The one perk of being sick is chicken soup.

So as I sit here moping about having to lay here with Halls, Puffs, and Robitussin I can smell the wonderful smell of chicken soup heating up. And while I would normally attempt to pretend to be domestic here and take a shot at it from scratch, today it’s canned.

Getting up to open the can was enough work, okay?

Chicken soup can be made in a variety of different ways but generally included chicken broth or stock, chicken pieces, and vegetables.  It’s considered an homely remedy and some claim is scientifically proven to be somewhat helpful (it’s debated).

And since I am not walking to the library the history of this domestic art is only aided by vague internet sources. Sorry guys.

Chicken soup started with the use of old, strung out hens.  That old-school thought that everything is useful, even the old ladies who laid the eggs. Waste-not-want-not. It’s considered an age old remedy.

Soups are said to be ancient, and there is no sure place of origin.  Sites list Jewish Culture, Russian Culture… Aliens could have invented it from my sources. Sorry again. This cold medicine makes me really drowsy.

So I’m going to give up the search for concrete history and just eat my Progresso. Keep yourselves warm.